last soccer game for the bullets

Sam has finished his second attempt at soccer and it was a success. He got after the ball more, learned some more basics of the game, and even scored a goal in one game.
He's especially gotten close to a set of twins on the team. Here he is, handing Thomas a picture he colored for him. Thomas just kept on hugging him...

Thomas's twin Lucy is very social. She and Sam have been found on the sidelines many times in their own world, whether it be laughing or play-fighting.

At halftime, our assistant coach tried encouraging the team to hustle a little more. We only scored a couple of times, and one of those times included a goal we scored for the other team.

Laney loved the fact that we both had a place to warm up our hands!

And Luke enjoyed climbing the bleachers.

I never get tired of seeing him smile from the side; that extra tooth of his is just another thing that makes him so special!

Going through the parents' tunnel after the game is such a joy for the kids.

The team prayed after the game and then were off for snacks.

The bullets: Lucy, Nolan, Thomas, Matthew, Sam, Ella, Tucker, and JC with Coach Ellerbee

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