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Sam and I enjoyed a little mid-day date at Menchie's. He had cookies n cream and I had raspberry pomegranate sorbet. Good stuff!I noticed Sam lifting his arm out of the corner of my eye. When I came out from the kitchen I found that he had put his arm around Laney. I love the children's tenderness towards each other.
We ran 2 hours worth of errands the other day and Luke just couldn't take any more. At one point, after walking in to King Cotton, he laid on their doormat and said "I'm tired, Mommy".

Luke, Laney and I went to a friend's birthday party this past Saturday while Sam and Ron were attending another party. The Inverness fire station has a picnic site and playground, so it's the perfect place for a party.
Ron was pushing Laney in the swing at the Crawfish Boil the other night. I told Laney to smile big and this is what I got...
She likes to find odd ways to use our stool.

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