We had a happy Easter. I did the 12 days of Easter and the kids loved hearing about all the events that led up to Jesus' death and resurrection. It will be a new tradition for us...
I got a few pictures of the kids on the front porch before church. These pics were taken at 7:15 (since we had to be there for choir by 7:30) and they were ready to pose. I made them all something out of seersucker. I made Sam some blue/white pants, Luke some red/white shorts, and Laney a pink/white dress with elephants embroidered on the fabric. I'm an Auburn fan, but I couldn't pass up the fabric when I saw it.

We went to B and Pops' house after church for lunch with my brother and his family. Laney got some good "flying" time with Pops.

Pops can always make them laugh for a picture.

My SIL and I didn't plan this, but her son was wearing seersucker and her girls were wearing white. The six of them looked beautiful together!

We enjoyed hunting for eggs. Laney enjoyed eating the chocolate (sans dress)...

Sam's sure telling someone something. Check out his intensity...

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