Sam's first soccer game

Sam had his first game this Saturday. We pulled up and he said "Mom, this looks like fun!". He did awesome and participated quite well. He ran around in the same little huddle as the other five year olds. Although they don't technically have a winner or loser, I added up the goals and Sam's team won. :)
Before the game they had a little devotional. Then Daddy showed up with the babies just in time for the start.

Laney had her fun with the Gatorade.

Luke got to hang out on the bench with the big boys during one of their breaks.

Sam's teammate, Lude, had just scored a goal when I took this picture. He was thrilled!

B and Pops even got to enjoy the action.

After a little post-game prayer we were on our way to eat lunch at Chick Fil A.

It was such a fun time. We were so happy with how Sam did. He wasn't really aggressive, and didn't get much time with the ball, but he hustled and stayed with his team the whole game. He got one good kick on the ball and was within inches of a goal.

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