our evening out

We went to Texas de Brazil for dinner Saturday night. It's one of those restaurants that serves you meat until you bust! We started with the salad bar which was the best I had ever had. Once we were done with that, we turned our circles over to green and the meat started coming.

We enjoyed watching the acrobat swing up, down, and around the huge wine wall. Thrilling stuff!
And then, carrot cake. One of my faves...
Ron and I walked by the Alamo and read through the plaques to catch up on some history. Some rowdy sorority girls (about 30 to be exact) even took a picture of us in front of the historic building.

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B said...

YEA!!!!! TEXAS!!!!! Soooo happy you saw the Alamo, a lot of history there. It is still as awesome in appearance as I remember from my childhood. Love, B