iPhone images at random

A neighbor gave us some youth golf clubs she's no longer using. We stuck them in the den and found this a few hours later. I was SO impressed with his creativity. Golf club man....

Laney still loves propping her feet up on the table at mealtime. I'm curbing this habit, but some days I have to take a quick picture before telling her to take it down.
We went to B and Pops' house the other morning and Laney propped herself up on the window sill. I couldn't get the picture in time, but she was actually squatting on the window sill with her feet. She saw me coming and put her feet to the floor and sat down.

Sam has a new carpool buddy. Miss Bela picks Sam up on Monday and Thursday. We get to pick her up on Tuesday and Friday. They've had so much fun riding to school together. She can't buckle her belt, so Sam has helped her every time. What a sweet gentleman.

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