photo workshop

i went to a click workshop just over a week ago and learned a lot. dave, jennifer and i all went together and learned how to operate our cameras in manual mode. i got in on the deal via groupon. (love groupon, btw...)

as you can see, i learned how to properly expose a picture after incorrectly overexposing. i'm still figuring this out a bit.

we had the cutest little models! these girls were adorable...

then after a full afternoon of all things photographic, we went to b and pops' house for a belated thanksgiving feast. my brother definitely out-ate everyone! love you, bro.
laney even got in on the action at the adult table. she leaned in as if she was taking part in the conversation. what a nice saturday.


B said...

Laney does appear as though she is involved in the conversation at the table. That picture is too sweet! Love, B

Keri said...

I so need to go to one of these classes...but first I must get me a super fancy camera!