Christmas in LA and MS

We spent last weekend "doing Christmas" with Ron's family. What fun! I just hate that I left my camera at home. I had planned on getting some great shots... maybe next year.

Aunt Bekah and Uncle Big Mac had fun with the kids.

Luke and George had a blast eating out of the nut bowl.
Sam had painted an ornament for Baba Dee. They have such a special relationship; he adores her! So he was right there while she opened it up.
Pajamas were given and the kids were sweet enough to pose in front of the tree.
Bekah found the cutest dog prints. Each of our kids got a different one. I can't wait to frame them and put the three up. Where should they go? Ron thinks over their beds. I think all three together would be much cuter. Like in their bathroom or something. I guess we'll see...
Luke got a teeter-totter and has played with it every day since. Laney even plays on it by herself by sitting in the middle.
We had a great time visiting with the whole family. It's crazy to think that Christmas day is just a week away.

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Ashley Turnbull said...

I am with YOU - three together! Those are adorable. I am looking for something for Baby 2's nursery - might check Etsy for something similar! Yay Bekah!

and, I like how y'all do C-mas the week before...is that so that you can be at home on C-mas morning? We are always looking for ideas!