we have a biter!

if anyone can help us get luke to stop biting please call or email.
we hoped it was a fluke the first time it happened. but within a few days it has happened again.
and since he has that extra tooth, he's dangerous. sam has bled both times...


Anonymous said...

Child Protective services would not agree with your parents, but when Stannon tried biting you, we bit him back...HARD!!!, but careful to not draw blood. It took him twice to realize when he bit you, he was going to hurt, too! Love B

Lynette said...

Kegan was a biter too. She eventually grew out of it. We were where you are. Kegan first started biting before she had enough words to express her frustration, then later it seemed she did it out of curiousity to see what reaction she would get.... thankfully she just quit. We did time outs, but I don't know if that did any good and tried to pay all the attention to the bitee and not her. Not much advice, but maybe knowing you are not alone helps some.