Sam's letter

Sam got a spanking at school yesterday. It was not only his first spanking at school, but the first spanking his teacher had to give this year. I spoke with Mrs. Darden yesterday afternoon and she assured me Sam is a delight. But not yesterday. He spit at a student who got in his face. Then he was defiant when she asked him to come to her. Then he lied when asked if he spit. He spit at someone earlier in the week, so she felt she had no choice but to take him to the office. She tried to call me before the punishment was delivered, but I was at the gym so I got her voicemail once I got back to the car. After his spanking, they prayed together in the office. I am so grateful he goes to a school where bad behavior is not overlooked and where punishment is followed up with a good hug and prayer. I'm glad Sam is learning the same thing at school that he is learning at home: our choices bring consequences.

Yesterday happened to be the Briarwood Fall Festival. So even though I had already bought tickets, we decided that we wouldn't go. Sam understood why. Ron had a man-to-man talk with Sam last night and told him he needed to write a letter to Mrs. Darden. They sat at the table together and Sam wrote an apology note while Ron helped him with the spelling.

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Keri said...

aww, that is the sweetest note! what a sweet boy!