our weekend...

We had a nice time in Clinton, MS with Ron's parents this weekend. The best part was that it only took 3 1/2 hours to get there. We're used to a 6 hour trip since we always had to stop for a meal coming from Huntsville.

Saturday was quiet. Aunt Debo and Baba Dee came to visit for the day, while the men went golfing. Then Christine and I took the kids out for Mexican food before meeting the guys back at the house in time for a little football. I forgot to take pictures. I could kick myself for it...

This morning I attempted to get a picture of the kids. Laney wouldn't take her eyes off the TV!

I asked Luke to get close to Laney and be real sweet so I could take a picture. Neither one of them wanted to take their eyes off the TV!! But that's okay, because it made for an adorable picture.

Before it got too hot this morning Christine and I took the boys on a nature walk. She gave them each a bag to fill with whatever they could find.

We walked on a worn sidewalk that felt like it told a story all on its own.

When we got back to the house the boys showed their daddy all that they found. Good times...

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