First day back at MDO

Luke and Laney went back to MDO this morning. After a little over 3 months away from it, I welcomed it with open arms. We went to see my mom at her office before checking them in. Laney didn't want to smile.
Her teachers are Mrs. Kaki and Mrs. Shelley. They said she did great all morning. They want the one year olds picked up early for the first two weeks, to give them time to adjust. So after only 2 hours, I was back in the car to go get her. She was balling! She was the last one there and must have assumed I wasn't coming. It was pitiful. I scooped her up as fast as I could.

I didn't get a good picture of Luke and his teachers before class because he was crying way too much. Instead, I got one with his teacher Mrs. Erika when I went to pick him up. They said he only cried 5 minutes and had fun the rest of the morning.

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