drab to fab

while the mini-chandelier in our entryway was very pretty, it wasn't my taste. the previous owners had more of an old-world or traditional style to their decorating. although ron leans toward the traditional, i like the contemporary or retro modern look. so we get to have fun blending our styles together.
our new flush-mount chandelier was discovered while flipping through the pages of "this old house" the magazine. (i love this magazine, by the way.) my MIL saw the chandelier and showed it to me insisting it looked like me. she was right. within 48 hours i had it ordered and it was on its way. it's square shape and shiny chrome finish brings in my tastes, while the crystals add a touch of tradition. i hung it up, all by myself, wiring and all. i guess i can add amateur electrician to my list of things i do in my spare time.
but there's more to the story. i bought this light on overstock. while i was looking through their lights, i found a chandelier for our dining room too. it's also chrome and crystal, so it blends ron's preferences along with mine. it should be here tomorrow, so look for a before and after picture of it soon...


The Burgess Family said...

What did you do with the old chandelier? I'm on the hunt for a small one for either my foyer or my closet. I'm looking for inexpensive, but didn't know if you'd want to sell yours. Let me know! Graham's looking forward to seeing you guys Friday. Hope all goes well with the closing.

Penny said...

I was gonna' put it on craigslist for $15. You want it? I'll bring it with me Friday and you can have it.