coach young

sam loves his p.e. coach, jeff young. coach young was also my p.e. coach when i was a little girl at briarwood. how often does that happen? he's probably been there for 40 years or more... every day coach young is out at the carpool line, waving to the moms, dads, and youngsters. and sam likes to get right up at the window and wave back. for all the years i've known him, he's always called the kids "brother" or "sister", or "man of God" and "woman of God". it's music to my ears to hear him say it to sam.
i also ran in to my teacher from 3rd grade today. mrs. rooks was at the information desk, and i clued her in to a story my mom tells often. it starts with the fact that i was a talker. a serious talker. i got in trouble often. one day i came home from school and my mom asked me what i had done that day. i said "mom, i had the best day ever. my teacher put my desk in the hallway and i sat there all day. i got to say hey to all of stannon's friends." i didn't even know i was in trouble! when i reminded her of the story, she said with much sarcasm "imagine you, getting in trouble for talking..."


susan said...

That must be so strange to have your childhood come back like that. Sweet Ole Coach Young. I remember Mrs Rooks and all the trouble you got into. (Personally, I think she was kind of mean to you.) :-)


Penny said...

i agree. i may have gotten in lots of trouble, but i think she had it out for me a little. who knows?