Visiting MPB

We enjoyed an extra special treat while we were visiting Grandee and Pappy in Clinton. Ron's mom works at the Department of Education. Using her connections, she set up a special tour for my kids. Sam LOVES "Between the Lions", so it was amazing to go see the studio where it was filmed. We toured the Mississippi Public Broadcasting building with the help of our guide, Ms. Nikki.

We got to see the Emmy Awards that the PBS shows had won. "Between the Lions" received a daytime Emmy beating out "Sesame Street" during their 40th anniversary.

We went into the executive producer's office for a visit. Ms. Judy even got down on the floor with the kids and Theo for a picture. What a good sport...

Down in the studio they were painting the set for their new show "Ed Says..." Christine actually helped with some of the scripts, so it was fun to see the show's stage. The kids even met Ed. They were fascinated!!

Later that night we went through the goody bags they had given us. They were so generous. The boys got a few stuffed animals and some great books... For Sam, I think these memories will last for a long time.

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Keri said...

What a FUN time! I am sure the kids thoroughlly enjoyed their tour!