Happy Birthday Laney

Laney Grace turned one a couple of days ago. We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home as a family. Every time one of us said "happy birthday" to her throughout the day she would throw up her hands and clap. She went to the doctor for a checkup and did great, although she HATES getting her shots. She cries way more than her brothers ever did. Of course this meant we had to pamper her a little more than usual. :) She weighs 19lbs 12oz and is a healthy little girl. 67% height, 29% weight...

Laney took a few more steps this morning, so it's just a matter of time. As of today, she's saying Momma, Dadda, hey, and Laney. I know it's hard to believe, but she really can say her name. She said it yesterday while we were out and has said it about 10 times since then. We really don't know what her first word was. It's a tie between Dadda and hey. They both came along right at the same time a few weeks ago. Laney has 12 teeth and knows how to use them. She's a good eater just like her brother Luke.

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Keri said...

Happy Birthday Laney! What a precious little girl!