the downtown splash pad

this morning we went to the sprinklers (as sam refers to them) for some outdoor fun. i let laney walk around in her walker; she seemed to have a good time as long as i periodically provided her with food to snack on. our time was uneventful, except for her attempt at freedom when she started racing down the steep sidewalk and i had to catch her.

luke had a blast, but then again he always does. he ran around and around. every now and then he'd come tell me "i got wet, mom". he loves life!

i didn't get any pictures of sam because he didn't join in on the fun. he doesn't like to get wet, so he sat next to me on the concrete wall for 45 minutes. i told him if he didn't want to play with his friends in the water, then he had to sit with me. i really thought he would have gotten up to play, but he didn't. he stayed put. and now i'm wondering what else i could have done to get him to play... i don't want to be mean to him, so i didn't threaten him with "you better get out there and play or else". i just wish he could get past these fears, or whatever you call them, and just have fun being a kid. any advice?

i had to get a picture of laney in her little swimsuit before changing her clothes. as you can tell by her thumb in her mouth, she was tired and ready to sleep.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious Luke does enjoy life!! Just treasure his enthusiasm as long as you can. Great pictures. Love,B

Anonymous said...

You are so right. I don't know any little boy that enjoys life more than Luke! Does a weary mama good - and everybody else too! Love ya, Pops