a Bible story

sam wanted me to read from the Jesus Storybook Bible yesterday. i was reading the story where jairus goes to Jesus and begs him to heal his daughter. there's a picture on the page with jairus on his knees. sam pointed at the picture and said "mom, that's called pleading". i sinfully puffed up with pride and thought "i must be doing a good job. sam is so spiritual at such a young age." i asked sam if he learned that word from the bible and he said "no. alfalfa says it on the little rascals". after laughing out loud i thanked him for keeping me humble. he just smiled. ☺


susan said...

You ARE doing a good job, Penny! When did your kids get interested in that Bible? Carrie doesn't quite hang with it yet. Parents said they saw you at church! I was so jealous.


Penny said...

sam loves to read. he's just gotten interested in Bible stories specifically in the past 6 months or so. before that, it was just books in general.