Baba Dee's surprise weekend

finally, my last post from our time away. i know it's been picture overload on here for the past few days, but i ended up taking over 300 pictures in the span of 2 weeks. i think i did a good job of weeding some out...

baba dee turned 80 on june 14th. christine planned a surprise party for her. everyone was to be at her house between 5 and 6 on friday night while she and webb were out to dinner. we got there, got the huge sign out, and waited for her arrival. she was shocked!!

christine was happy that it went off without a hitch. you can tell by the picture that she was relieved all the planning was over.

the party started off with the boys fighting over a toy

laney showed us her pat-a-cake skillz

ron flew in late friday night, so the next day he and the kids enjoyed some wrestling. i love this picture. ron is lovingly biting luke's ankle, laney is biting ron's wrist, and sam is stuck in the middle of it all.

sam found a great hiding spot during the kids' game of hide-and-seek

the boys wanted to go fishing, but no one took them out back to the river.

they took things into their own hands out at the pool

uncle renard enjoyed some time swinging with them

and luke slept the entire 2 1/2 hours on sunday as we drove back to clinton.

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