Whistlestop BBQ Competition

This past weekend Ron participated in a BBQ comp with a few guys from church. I was able to spend a little time there, like Thursday night when we camped out to guard the stuff. Yes, I crawled in a sleeping bag and prepared to sleep through the night. Somehow I didn't get the memo ahead of time that a train came by about every hour and 20 minutes. The site was held at the train depot, so we were literally right next to the trains as they came by. It was a long night.

Ron's mother and grandmother came to help watch the kiddos. Thanks to them, Ron and I had a fun weekend! Here is a group shot of the 4 guys: Ron, Jack, Doug, and Graham. They were in the middle of turning in their meet, so they had their game faces on.

Graham made some awesome blueberry ribs. Yes, blueberry. They were different, but still delicious.

Doug did the butt...

Jack did the brisket...

I didn't get a picture of Ron's chicken. He had just come back from turning it in when I showed up. But I did get a picture of our dessert. We made peach cobbler on the green egg. It's awetastic!

Their next door neighbors during the weekend were the 3 amigos.

Clayton had a BLAST playing in the dirt. I think this kept him busy for a couple of hours.

It was a fun weekend. Overall, their results weren't exactly what they wanted. But everyone had fun just the same...

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Ashley said...

Congrats, Ron!!! That food looks amazing :-))) And, I am so proud of you for camping out w/ your man - what a trooper!!! Ron can cook that stuff for us anytime!!