a recap...

i have been quite absent from the blog lately. for the grandparents who are having withdrawals from seeing cute pictures of the kids i promise i'll start doing better. all 5 of us have been sick, so there haven't been many photo opportunities. here's a recap of our week...

mother's day was good. one thing i was looking forward to yesterday was getting to do whatever i wanted. i wanted to close myself off in my bedroom and sew the afternoon away. i love my kids dearly, but it's ironic that the day i'm being thanked for being a good mom is the day that i want a little less to do with them. wow. that sounded harsh... but seriously, you all know what i mean, right? surely i'm not alone on this one.

i still had a great mom's day even though i didn't get to sew all afternoon. ron got up and took care of the kids while i leisurely sipped my coffee. he also fixed dinner for us, entirely on the egg. we had bar-b-cue drumsticks, baked potatoes, and fresh bell pepper and asparagus. it was yummy! we enjoyed eating it on the back porch on our makeshift patio furniture. (we've got to get some patio furniture.)

luke found a comfortable place to nap last week... in the toy box full of stuffed animals.

laney decided she still loves pizza.

hopefully this week will be full of fun and less full of runny noses. ☺

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B said...

YEA!!! an appetizer of future things to come. Loved the pictures, the report of happenings and Ron is amazing with that Egg!!
Will be eager to see more of everyone soon! Love, B