Happy 2nd Birthday to Luke!!

Our sweet Luke is two years old today. My how much the time has flown. 2 years ago tonight I was trying to convince Ron to take me to the hospital. He was trying to convince me that my contractions were 20 minutes apart and we shouldn't go. Then we were trying to convince Luke not to be born in the car on the way to the hospital. It happened fast, but not without some serious pain.

He saw Ron's hat in his closet and insisted on wearing it this afternoon. He loves his daddy and his daddy's hats! He also loves looking out the front door.

We gave him a little scooter for his birthday. He kept yelling "Push me, momma!". His balance isn't quite good enough for it; maybe that's why the box said 3+. Oh well, he'll have fun with it anyway.

Happy Birthday Luke. We love you so much!


Amy said...

Happy birthday sweet Luke! Sophie told me all about singing happy birthday to him in the nursery. Can't believe he's 2!

Jennifer said...

happy birthday sweet luke. we love u! xox

B said...

Oh, he's growing too quickly, Penny! What precious pictures! Love B