what do you do when you're about to pop and can't stand staying at the house for another minute? go to wal-mart. i took the boys up to wal-mart this morning to ride on some toys. it was luke's first time and he wasn't sure about it.
luke's a little out of focus in this picture but you get the idea. sam's having a blast and luke is a little concerned about what i've gotten him in to as he holds on to sam's arm for dear life.
on a side note, i tried giving luke some strawberries for breakfast. he didn't want anything to do with them until i brought out the fork. once each bite was on the fork he was willing to eat it up.


B said...

Penny, I know the day was rough for you, but goodness gracious, you sure made my day fun with these pictures....JUST LOVE THEM!!!! B

Jennifer said...

just want to pinch his cute cheeks!!! hope u are hanging in there... praying and much love,jenn