The Nursery is Done

The nursery and all its details are done. Technically I finished the nursery a week or two ago, but I still had a few things left to do for Newbie. I made a few outfits for him/her to wear when leaving the hospital (one pink and one blue), a diaper bag, a blanket, a pillow for the crib, and some artwork. I've really enjoyed making all this stuff; I've done a lot more for this kid than I did for Sam and Luke combined.

Ashley used these bunny templates from Martha Stewart online for some frames in Kate's nursery. So I cut out the rabbits on card stock and used my yellow minky dot fabric for the background. I love how these turned out!

As you'll see in these pictures, I used the minky dot fabric and bunny toile fabric for a lot of things. The crib bedding and 2 curtains were spotted at a garage sale. So I bought extra toile and made a little blanket, pillow, and diaper bag. It's great because it has pink and blue in it...

The main part of the bag is in toile while the strap is yellow minky dot. Surprisingly I'm not tired of yellow yet. I thought I might be by now. Once Newbie gets here I plan on personalizing the room with pink or blue. Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon. Seriously y'all, I think this baby will be here by the weekend. I sure hope I'm right!


Amy said...

Everything is precious, Penny!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I love the framed bunnies!! Sure wish you'd get this show on the road. KC