what luke's doing...

i realize i haven't blogged about luke's vocabulary yet.  he can say 6 words, 7 depending on who you ask.  i picked him up from the church nursery today and they said he learned a new word: moo.  he heard some kids say it while playing with a toy and the ladies said he worked on it the rest of the time in there...  ron says moo isn't a word as much as it is a sound.  i don't know; i'm just happy he learned something new.

he's been saying baby for about 6 weeks now.  whenever we pass by a mirror and he notices himself he says it.  he also says uh-oh, bye bye, and hey without much urging.  i guess he knows their context.  the words momma and dadda are different.  he only says those when we BEG him to...and even then he doesn't comply often.

he also got a couple of new teeth 2 weeks ago.  on the top, he got the tooth to the right of the middle.  on the bottom, he got the tooth to the left of the middle.  so he has 3 on top and 3 on bottom opposite of each other.  it's the cutest!

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