Amy and Sophie's shower

Last night I had yet another opportunity to spend some time with my dear friends.  We threw a shower for Amy and her newly adopted daughter Sophie.  A lot of women from church showed up and gave the sweetest gifts.  I'll be honest, I've witnessed my friends open gifts for their daughters over the last few weeks and it tugs at my heart.  Whether a boy or girl, I can't wait 'til Newbie gets here!

I made these Garden Vegetable Snackers.  I saw them in a magazine two years ago and finally had an excuse to make them.  Thanks to Ashley and her brilliant photography, this picture makes them look just as good as they did in the magazine.  And they tasted yummy too!  ☺

I was so tired by the end of it...and it was only 7:45!  Denise and I found ourselves resting on the couch trying to take a breather.


The Browns said...

Yay for parties, babies, and little girls! I had a great time too and have thought all morning about how blessed I am to have such great friends and church family. I hope you have a girl too - but remember, a daughter-in-law is special.....just a long way off!

Penny said...

we really are blessed... can't wait until tomorrow for our mani/pedis! :)