36 week update

it's funny that just yesterday i posted about not inducing.  after today's appointment it may not matter.

it looks like Newbie has decided to hang out sideways in utero.  the doctor is getting an ultra sound next week to see if he/she is head down.  if not, chances are slim that it will be in position for a normal birth.  from what i can tell from my research, things start getting too cramped in there around 37 weeks for the baby to move.  so we'll have to consider ECV (a version) to move the baby or a scheduled c-section.

please pray alongside us that the baby will quit being stubborn and move into position by next week's appointment.  ☺  


The Cantrell's said...

Penny, I was in your same (well, actually our babies were in the same position) at 36 weeks as well... he was completely transverse (sideways) until 38 weeks, and only then did he move to a slightly more angled- head down position. We choose to be induced and the contractions helped to get the baby in the right position. And the inducement in my opinion was not that bad at all... I would easily do it again if needed! You are def. in my prayers for that little one to move on his/her own, though!! I remember all those thoughts/worriers, and I pray God will keep your anxiety down. Either way the little one and your delivery is in God's control & He will do what's best for all! Praying for you my friend!

Penny said...

Thank you. That's encouraging... It'll all work out. However the baby is delivered it will be for his/her best, so I have to feel good about that.

Lynette said...

Good luck Penny! I had a version with Kegan and it wasn't that bad. Didn't work because Kegan was smashed with feet above her head completely breech, but most I have seen do, especially from transverse. Praying all will work out for you guys and I'm sure it will. Keeping you in our thoughts.