Sam's new place for his red chair...

I came out from Luke's room to find Sam sitting in his red chair.  And he was mostly sitting on air.  Yep, that's a big gap in between the ottoman and couch.  I don't know where he got this idea, but he was proud of it!

The reason I took this picture is to show something new that Sam is doing.  I'm guessing only family will notice what it is and why it's a big deal...  Sam's got bare feet!!!!  This has been something he's NEVER liked in the past.  Literally, for all 3 ½ years of his life he's been wearing socks.  (Ok, not in the tub or pool, but everywhere else.)  All of a sudden he wants to go barefoot.  It makes me SO happy!  ☺

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Jennifer said...

i wonder if he saw his cousins do their chairs like that?

yeah.. to bare feet sam!! ask uncle stannon... i always have bare feet!! love u, aunt jennifer