Thomas and Friends

Amanda and I took Sam and Pierson to "A Day out with Thomas" in Birmingham yesterday.  It was a great trip and the boys had so much fun.  Unfortunately it was a little chilly and I didn't dress Sam properly for the occasion.  He had to borrow Pierson's vest and his poor arms were uncovered the whole time!  But we still had a good time...

Here are the boys sitting in their seats ready to go...  After the first half of the trip the volunteers were nice enough to let us sit in an indoor coach.  It was much warmer the second half of the ride.

Each of the boys got a balloon.  And each of the boys popped theirs and got another one.  ☺  Here's Sam with his fish and fishing pole.

The last picture was my favorite part.  Ron and I have been wanting to break Sam's pacifier habit for a while now.  We've gotten him down to only having it at night and during his nap.  A few weeks ago I asked Sam if he was ready to give up his pacifiers.  If he was, we could take them to Sir Topham Hatt and ask him to take good care of them.  We were even going to suggest that he put the pacifiers in Thomas' Christmas stocking (his stocking is talked about in one of Sam's favorite Thomas books).  So we got in line to meet Sir Hatt and he was nice enough to say he'd take good care of him.  If you look closely in the picture, you'll see a little plastic baggy with pacifiers in it in the crook of Sir Hatt's arm.  After being told by other parents there that it was a brilliant idea, I had high hopes.  I'm happy to say that Sam slept last night without his pacifier.  He didn't even ask for it when going to bed.  And right now he's asleep without it for his afternoon nap.  YEA!  He's such a big boy...

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