Our last 24 hours

The last 24 hours has been full of ups and downs... it's not something I can't handle,  just a lot of drama.  To sum it up, Sam's had a lot of attitude with me and has regressed in his potty abilities.  My hands have been full.  But we've managed to have some fun sprinkled in between the discipline and multiple clothes-changes.

I can't fully explain what's happening in this picture other than boys being boys.  Sam was playing on his red chair and Luke took advantage of it.  Luke kept hitting and grabbing Sam's bottom; it was pretty funny.

Luke has started to enjoy playing in his room.  He'll stay in there a half hour or so and make his way around the room to play with his different toys.  I have to keep an eye on him, because he's also good at trying to stand but instead pulling things down on himself.  He's already pulled our heavy iron magazine rack on himself 3 times.  Whoops! I'm a horrible mom...  (kidding)

Priceless broken-tooth smile.  I love it!!

Sam's Toy Story doll Woody came with a small guitar.  Sam likes to pick it up and play and sing for me.  Here he was singing "You are my Sunshine".

Ron got some sand to fill in the holes in our yard.  Who would have known it would attract the neighborhood kids?  At one point there were 6 kids around the pile...

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