Luke can drink from a cup now!

Luke drank from a sippy cup yesterday for the first time.  It was funny; I saw the air bubbles rising through the cup and realized he successfully did it.  Then he removed the cup, water pouring out of his mouth, and gave me this weird look as if he wondered what was in his mouth.  Sam took this picture of me and Luke.  He was camera happy yesterday and took quite a few pictures.  This is the only one that turned out.

Here's Luke right after his first sip of water.  You have to look really close to see, but Ron and I are loving his teeth right now.  The bottom two are cute and little; but it looks like he borrowed the top two teeth from a beaver.  Oh my goodness it's so cute!

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B said...

What a happy little guy! Of course, that doesn't even begin to describe how cute he is!!!! Makes me want to smoosh him. Love ya! B