Disney - Day 3

Before we move on to day 3, we have to finish up with what we did on the night of day 2. We headed to the resort's craft room for a fun time of painting piggy banks. Sam instantly was drawn to this. He didn't waste any time painting. He had so much concentration that his tongue was contorted and sticking out pretty much the whole time.
In typical Sam fashion, he all-at-once put down his paint brush and said "All done". The employee facilitating pointed out there were still some unpainted areas on the pig and tried to insist we paint them. I told him I didn't want this project to be parent-tampered in the least bit. Then it wouldn't be Sam's work of art. So we left it just as it was...which was really hard for the OCD part of me. :)
And this was the finished project. Ron and I agreed it's one of the ugliest things we've seen but that's what makes us love it so much. It's Sam's abstract art!
Our friend Hank Campbell lives in St. Pete and drove to Orlando to visit for the afternoon. He and Ron have been friends and running buddies since their days together at Hoover High School. The Hankster is always fun to have around...
Sam really enjoyed his company. By the end of the day, Sam was reaching for his hand to hold, playing with his beard, racing him down the hallway, and even saying to Hank what is usually reserved for only Ron and me: "Hold you". So being good 'ole Uncle Hank, he obliged and held him while walking to the car.

Sam's fever has been gone for the last 24 hours, although his cough is still hanging around. But overall he's doing tons better. Of course that's what happens now that it's time to go home. After the 11-hour drive down here, we decided that Sam and I will fly back to Huntsville tomorrow instead of driving with Ron. I'm looking forward to getting home quickly and hope that Ron's drive by himself doesn't seem like forever. We've had so much fun on this trip and enjoyed every moment, even the difficult ones. That being said, I think we're all ready to get back to Huntsvegas where things are a little more normal.

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running buddies, and more...hmm. I guess what happens on a long run stays on a long run.